Integrated Writing: Department of Classics

The Classical Studies major develops students’ writing skills in all of its courses.  In CLSS courses, students at the 1000-level write more frequent and shorter papers that develop analytical and argumentative skills.  Papers at this level will make use of primary sources (ancient authors, inscriptions, objects) as well as secondary reading (i.e. modern scholarship).  At the 2000-level, students will write more than they do in 1000-level courses, usually in the form of longer assignments that make use of more sources. These courses also typically expect independent student research into specific problems.  At the 3000 and 4000 levels, students write longer research papers which require deep engagement with primary evidence as well as modern scholarship. Students in this track thus progress through a curriculum that develops their writing skills at each step.

Those majoring in Classical Languages are required to take 1000 and 2000 level CLSS courses and will thus develop their writing skills in those courses.  In CLSL and CLSG courses at the 2000 level and above, students will be asked to complete a variety of analytical writing assignments, ranging from short comments to research papers that depend upon and originate from the Latin or Greek texts that has formed the basis of the course.  Students in this track develop writing skills that build upon the foundational CLSS courses, but then use their knowledge of Latin and Greek authors as the basis to demonstrate their own writing skills.