Undergraduate Research FAQ

Point of Contact

Dr. Marden Nichols, Department Chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies,

Philosophy of research

Independent work with library resources (both primary sources and secondary, in multiple languages both ancient and modern) or in museums followed by the publication of books and articles.

How to get started

Students will begin doing some research through their courses in the program.

How to get connected with a faculty mentor

Students choose their own mentors among the permanent faculty.

Earning credit for undergraduate research

All three of our prefixes (CLSG, CLSL, and CLSS) have a 4949 tutorial option that allows students to earn credit either for a faculty-mentored tutorial or for an internship project (e.g. interning at a museum).

Getting paid for research

In the past we have used GUROP or independent recruitment of students with the right skills, especially proficiency in the ancient languages. Nearly all faculty research involves ancient Greek and Latin.

Thesis or capstone research

The program offers an honors thesis option in both languages and studies.