Modern Greek

Since Fall 2007, the Department of Classics has been part of the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, and the Program in Modern Greek has been part of the Department of Classics. The location of Modern Greek in Classics makes great intellectual sense since issues of continuity and change are central to the Greek identity. The department's concentration in Hellenic Studies offers a unique experience for students to evaluate the continuity, rupture, and legacy of antiquity for the Modern Greek world from the vitae perspective of language. Click here to learn more about the concentration.

Spring 2015 courses

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GREE-012: Intensive First Level Modern Greek II
This course is designed for students who have taken GREE-011 or who have some rudimentary Greek language skills. It extends student language skills and increases student familiarity with Greek history and culture. The course continues the emphasis on instruction in phonology, the fundamentals of grammar and the development of basic vocabulary. Student participation in interactive exercises built around diverse audio-visual materials is expected.

GREE-112: Intensive Second Level Modern Greek II
This sequence course further equips students to exchange information in conversational Modern Greek. The course expands vocabulary by introducing students to more idioms and colloquialisms and builds a deeper appreciation of Greek grammar and syntax. Greek customs and traditions are explored through class conversation and audio-visual materials. Students are introduced to more Greek literature and a wider range of Greek language materials and media. Students continue honing Greek language skills with structured classroom debating games

GREE-212: Intensive Third Level Modern Greek II
This final sequence course focuses on mastering all requisite language skills while continuing to integrate aspects of Greek culture, history and literature in fun and interactive ways!  Emphasis is put on expanding the vocabulary and developing conversational skills to prepare the students to enjoy discussions on a variety of topics with accuracy and fluency. Students have the opportunity to expand vocabulary in areas of personal or specialized interest relevant to their broader educational goals. Class instruction is supplemented by weekly grammar review and conversation sessions.

GREE-301: Greek Tutorial
Independent study.  By permission of the instructor only.